Welcome at Chakshu

Chakshu has a team of designers who have the creative abilities to work hand-in-hand with interior designers and architects to come up with tailor-made solutions for home and offices when it comes to curtains, blinds, and all other sorts of design fabric requirements. With tremendous changes in the way we see the world around us and with amazing exposure to international designs, the need for the perfect curtains, cushion fabrics, and other interior fabrics are on the rise. Chakshu has moved in to provide you with the right set of services to reach out to these requirements successfully.

Through years of continuous services, never compromising on quality standards and creativity levels, Chakshu is a recognized benchmark in the Indian designer curtain industry. Be it the materials used or the skillsets, Chakshu keep raising the bar in all parameters.

Our goal is to earn every client’s complete satisfaction by creative designing and installing custom window coverings, on time. Quality materials, excellent workmanship and proactive customer service are pledged to every sale.